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Cochlear Implant Consultation

We provide top notch professional consulting for Cochlear implant. We help you patients by evaluating reports and assist scheduling of surgery.

Speech Rehabilitation Program

We offer speech therapy sessions to patients who underwent surgery to get the maximum positive results. Call us for more details.

Hearing Aid Sales and Services

Send us your report and we send you a hearing aid to you home. You also get 5 days free TRIAL only with Smile Care Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Why Us?
The Real Importance of Hearing

We know the real importance of hearing. Hearing is the one of the two main keys of communication i.e. speech and hearing. You cannot do one without the other. Your hearing makes you communicable. We offer you peace of mind when you're dealing with hearing problems. What we offer is a two faceted solution.


Prevent hearing loss through course of action defined by professionals with aid of hearing aid devices.


We provide consultation for successful implants and post implant therapies to get downright results

Our Services
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Hearing Aid

With the help of hearing aid, it has become very easy to control hearing loss and stay in good hearing health.

Cochlear Impant

With Cochlear implant, its possible to recover hearing ability and live a life of normalcy.

Speech Therapy

With speech therapy, we can define and set a definite recovery and rehabilitation course.

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